More than a Gym

Our Mission

11athletics exists with one goal in mind to provide the best overall fitness experience to its members. At 11athletics you are not just a member but apart of a highly driven community dedicated to helping you succeed. We believe in real training! We define real training as using scientifically proven exercises and programming that create optimal results. All of our classes and training is backed by our talented staff of certified professionals. There is no need for multiple gym memberships when you belong to 11athletics. We are a one stop gym that includes unlimited classes with your membership. No matter your fitness level or background, whether a professional athlete or aging senior, 11athletics is here to help you excel at life!

Our Facility

11athletics is an 18,000 square foot full service gym with everything you need to get in the best shape of your life. Your membership includes unlimited classes, a spin and yoga studio, onsite wellness center including chiropractic, massage and acupuncture services, locker rooms with showers, towel service, and 50 yards of indoor turf. We take pride in our facility and creating the best environment/community for everyone to feel welcome and get the fitness results you deserve.


With 30 years of experience in the business and fitness fields, Brian used his past to help develop his take on the future of gyms. His passion is in building relationships, educating and growing a community that truly understands the importance of one’s health. He had a specific vision in developing 11athletics. It was designed to be THE optimal training facility. His mindset was to go back to the basics. (Less is more) We didn’t want machines on top of machines and 50 treadmills with everyone running nowhere. Everything revolves around open functional space and using equipment that has a purpose. Our bodies were not meant to be sitting doing one motion, but to utilize multiple muscle groups through a full range of motion. No matter what your background, your goal or your fitness level there is a place for you at 11athletics.

Brian Saunders