Gigi Howard

Fitness Journey

Education: Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and Health Promotion

Certifications: ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, Exercise is Medicine Level 1

Experience: I have always had a love for fitness, but my passion really developed after I got injured playing soccer in college. I know it sounds crazy, but my injury and surgery that came along with it, was almost a blessing in disguise. For the longest time I had been training year round for everyone but myself. I trained for my team, coaches, and trainers. After my surgery, I finally had the freedom to train for myself. With the knowledge I acquired while obtaining my degree and my personal training certification, my passion and drive excelled even further.

  During my time in college I was able to surround myself with one of the most important elements of personal training: teaching. I was a teacher’s assistant for Anatomy and Physiology for those pursuing health related degrees and I also had the opportunity to coach High School girl’s soccer at St. Francis DeSales. Both of these experiences not only enhanced my knowledge, but allowed me to work with students and athletes in ways that I had not already done.

I am excited to share my knowledge about personal training. It’s important to me that each and every one of my clients feel comfortable and understood, yet simultaneously having fun and reaching their full potential.

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Fitness Advice

You have to push yourself, get a little uncomfortable, and step outside of your zone. No one gets better doing the same thing everyday. We’re human, and we were born to do some pretty amazing stuff.

Style of Training

Resistance training, HIIT, Sport Specific, Parkinson's Specific, and Functional Training

Favorite Exercise

Romanian Deadlift

Classes Taught

11X, Staple, Greatest H11Ts
Quote to Live By
“Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.”
— Omar Khayyam