Matt Wainscott

Fitness Journey

Certifications: CPT, ISSA

Education: UNCG Political Science

I have 13 years of experience training a various range of clients and athletes. Clients include professional, collegiate, high school, and beginner level athletes in multiple sports. In 2006 I set a goal to compete in a national natural bodybuilding contest and won his first title that same year. I ran with that winning attitude and continue to help prepare both male and female athletes for regional and national level fitness shows. I also enjoy helping people set and achieve their fitness goals. I believe with the right mental focus and hard work anybody can become the athlete they’ve envisioned themselves to be.

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Fitness Advice

If people are doubting how far you’ll go, go so far you can’t hear them anymore!

Style of Training

Bodybuilding, athlete specific, and high intensity

Favorite Exercise

Bench Press. I’ve always enjoyed pushing my limits on bench and using it as a marker for my strength.
Quote to Live By
Don’t cheat on your workouts. Breakup with your comfort zone.
— Unknown