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No matter your fitness level there is a class for you at 11athletics. Our classes are all designed to help guarantee optimal results and taught by our experienced training staff. Join our class community! Workout alongside your best friend or make new ones. Our fitness community at 11 helps push everyone to succeed and become the best you! Choose from our Weight Training or HIIT Circuit Training classes. All of our classes are UNLIMITED and INCLUDED with your membership!


The Staple is a combination class that takes in account both strength training and physical conditioning. The Staple workout always begins with a strength movement such as a Squat, Deadlift or Bench Press. We use methods to increase strength in these movements to improve performance and daily function. The next portion incorporates supersets and circuits of accessory movements to improve muscle quality, movement and strength in weak areas. We end The Staple with a form of HIIT training to improve capacity, burn calories and increase metabolism.


H11TS class follows the principles of heart-rate based interval training (HIIT) from beginning to end. Your heart rate will be elevated and brought back down for 45 minutes. H11TS will incorporate a combination of cardio work such as rowing, biking and sled pushes, as well as resistance training. Using different timed intervals and rep schemes daily, your body will fight to adjust and continue to develop overall endurance, strength, and explosiveness over time.

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