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No matter your fitness level there is a class for you at 11athletics. Our classes are all designed to help guarantee optimal results and are taught by our experienced training staff. Join our class community! Work out alongside your best friend or make new ones. Our fitness community at 11 helps push everyone to succeed and become the best you! Choose from our Strength Training, Metabolic Conditioning, and Strength & Conditioning classes. All of our classes are UNLIMITED and INCLUDED with your membership!


The Staple is a combination class that takes in account both strength training and muscle toning. The Staple workout always begins with a strength movement such as a Squat, Deadlift, or Bench Press. We use methods to increase strength in these movements to improve performance and daily function. The next portion incorporates supersets and circuits of accessory movements to improve muscle quality, movement, and strength in weak areas. The Staple flows right into our Metabolic Conditioning class which is designed to improve physical conditioning.

Metabolic Conditioning

Metabolic conditioning, often referred to as "metcon," is a form of exercise that aims to improve the efficiency and capacity of the body's energy systems. The primary focus of metabolic conditioning is on enhancing the body's ability to utilize and produce energy for various physical activities. This type of training typically involves high-intensity, multi-joint exercises that engage large muscle groups.

Strength & Conditioning


Our Strength & Conditioning class is a combination of both the Staple and Metabolic Conditioning.  You can expect lifting and cardio in this high-intensity workout.  We use programming involving principles such as progression, overload, recovery, and maintenance to keep you both looking and feeling your best.  Expect to burn through a lot of calories and have your metabolism cranked up for 24 to 36 hours after this heart-pounding class.

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