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At 11athletics, we aim to provide the most personalized gym experience possible to each of our members. We pride ourselves on making the gym a place where everyone feels welcomed, but also feels challenged. We operate in an 18,000 sq. ft. facility equipped with the highest quality equipment and staff that Columbus, OH has to offer. There is no need for multiple gym memberships when you belong to 11athletics. We are a one stop gym that includes unlimited classes, open-gym, sauna, and body-fat testing with your membership. No matter your fitness level or background, whether a professional athlete, beginner, or aging senior, 11athletics is here to help you excel at life!


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"11athletics is a very personal training facility. You are definitely going to get what you need. The trainers here are going to work just as hard as you are. It’s just a great place to train. I like it….I love it!"

ROOSEVELT NIXFullback Pittsburgh Steelers

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