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At 11Athletics we believe in having a community who supports, encourages and pushes one another to succeed. You aren’t just a member who comes and goes unnoticed. We know you by name, we care about your goals, we care about your health and we give you the tools you need to excel at life. Life isn’t meant to be lived alone so why should fitness be any different. Get connected, make friends, live fit and be stronger together!

"So many gyms follow the latest trends to get new clients in the door only to see temporary results. One of the reasons I love 11 is that their basic training structures go beyond machines and fads and have completely changed my outlook on fitness. The included classes are always different and challenge the individual at their own pace in a very motivating group setting. The trainers make it their mission to uplift everyone from the experienced athlete to the extreme beginner. I can genuinely say that since joining 11 one year ago, I can lift more, run longer, see distinct muscle definition, and enjoy going to the gym in ways I didn't know were possible before.


"Not your typical gym! Extremely knowledgeable and supportive trainers. The members are equally supportive. The classes challenge you to reach and blast through your fitness goals. It's the best athletic performance facility in the greater Columbus area."


"If you are looking for an affordable place with trainers and people who motivate you every time you step in the building, then 11 Athletics is the best place to go! I started going in December and have seen an enormous transformation with my body! What I like about 11 is that all your classes come with your membership so you can go as many times a day/week as you want! In addition, the trainers are some of the nicest and most motivating people I have ever met! I am lifting weights and doing different workouts that I never dreamed I could do! I am thrilled to be a member here!


"The trainers are all knowledgeable and great to deal with and the membership is one of the best fitness deals in town with how it includes access to classes. Facility is great, everything you could need. You won't spend time waiting for a bench or a squat rack like at so many other gyms where they might only have a couple. Many local professional athletes train here, which says everything given how important it is for them to choose the right training set-up in their off-season. I have seen real results in the two years I have been a member and highly recommend."


"11 is the truth! There is something for everyone here be it injury recovery, fat loss, muscle gain, strength, conditioning, agility and/or improving athletic performance. There are several classes to choose from - all included with your membership - and the gym is open 7 days a week. There are also personal and group training options. I love 11 because what you see is what you get and the staff and trainers ensure your program is on-point to meet your goals. If you are looking for REAL Training & Results, in a supportive yet no nonsense environment, this si the place for you!!!"



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